CDL offers in-house training for NGOs on Communication Skills

Teach a man to fish, or give him fish to eat…..

Training and capacity building programmes aims at building skills in NGOs to include communication into their activities in a planned and systematic manner. A training calendar offers a modular series which builds skills for basic and advanced levels of communication needs in NGOs.

The approach of the training programmes is presented in a modular learning curve wherein through a step-by-step building block approach the participants learn the 'how-to' of communication. For instance, in a training on 'Working with Newspapers', the participants observe a 'live' press conference. This is followed by a mock-up press conference where the group simulates a press conference in order to undergo an experiential learning process.

This approach is used for all training activities wherein the premise of learning 'how to' is applied to all training activities.

'Working With Newspapers'
Do you believe that advocating your issue through the media is important?
Do you want to develop skills to work with media through the newspapers?
This three-day training is a specially designed skill-building programme for NGOs on building relationships with the newspapers….. read more

'Working With Radio'
To understand how the radio can be used as a preferred media to support your programmes, this three-day training demystifies the medium of the radio as well as highlights the spaces and opportunities available within your local AIR stations for participatory programmes on development issues.….. read more

'Photography for Development'
If you believe that photographs are an important media to project your issue and would like to develop skills to take 'good' photographs, this training opportunity enables participants to….. read more

'Writing a Case study'
Case study is a tool to document the human story in a process of change. This training aims at learning how to write a case study and the process of a good case study… more

'Report Writing'
Reports are important tools for management and monitoring of development processes. Through reports, information is recorded for subsequent sharing, planning and building ahead. This training enables 'how to' write reports and the skills required in preparing 'good' reports. This three day training programme enables participants to… more

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