Issue Based Journalism (IBJ) is a partnership model with the mainstream newspapers wherein a cadre of 'specialist journalists' was developed with focus on development issues. The special focus in IBJ was on the language press in order to build capacity for informed and sustained reporting on development issues.

Water Journalism(WJ) is an initiative to build capacity in the media to promote informed coverage towards enabling a water policy that is equitable and just. WJ is based on a multi-dimensional methodology in read more…

The concept of IBJ was expanded to address Health Journalism and HIV/AIDS Journalism.

HIV/AIDS Journalism

The concept of Issue Based Journalism was expanded to address the issue of HIV/AIDS in 2006. This intervention was based on the fact that apart from care and treatment support, awareness and prevention are recognized as essential components to address the situation. CDL’s media research showed that though quantitative coverage of HIV/AIDS through the mainstream media has been growing, the quality coverage has been found to be wanting. This was particularly evident in the regional language newspapers. Moreover, coverage of HIV/AIDS requires high levels of accuracy, sensitivity and positive orientation. Read more..

Health Journalism
Two four-day intensive field-based training programmes, one each in English and Kannada were conducted for mainstream journalists to build on their skills to report on the broader social dimensions of health. Read more…


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