Charkha Awards for Excellence in Development Journalism
Instituted in 2004, the annual Awards are given for Excellence in Development Journalism in Kannada to build a culture of holistic and sensitive coverage to development issues in the state newspapers. The awards recognize and appreciate the efforts of journalists writing on development issues in the local language (Kannada) in order to encourage and strengthen commitment to development journalism.

A special award Called the 'Mentor Award for Encouragement to Development Journalism in Kannada', has been instituted to recognize the role and work of a senior mainstream media professional in promoting development journalism within their publication and industry.
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The UNICEF Awards for Excellence in Reporting on HIV/AIDS in Kannada are given to encourage journalists/writers who report on HIV/AIDS issues in Kannada. The aim is to recognize efforts on the part of journalists from State papers to report on HIV/AIDS in a manner that is sensitive, informed and accurate and will lead to reduced stigma among the HIV infected. Read more…


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